Entry #12

Dj-Unknown is back!!

2010-12-26 12:10:23 by Dj-UnKnOwN

Hey guys! Those who have me as their favorite artist already know what's going on (sent out an email), but here's what's up.

I know i have fallen off the grid recently with my music, but i just want you to know that all i was doing was taking a break from newgrounds and instead uploading my music on youtube (I upload under my real name, Stevenortiz21) but i did NOT stop making music. The zero bombers were kind of getting ridiculous and that kinda deterred me away but i've come to realize that there will away be naysayers and especially now with NG getting more popular, there's going to be many more people doing this and as they say 'resistance is futile'. xD

Anyways! i'm sending out this message to let you guys know that i will start uploading to Newgrounds again. In fact, i've already submitted 4 new songs in the past few months and i hope that you guys will at least like a few ^^.

As for new stuff in the works i have a few songs near completion, one is a house song that all i need to do is tweak it a little and upload it.. It's called Summer's Night Out and ill probably upload it in the next day or 2. I also have an electro house song im working on.. but im not to happy with the drop so that'll be a while...


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2010-12-26 15:54:33

Thats the spirit ! I recognized your name, did a search and ive got 5 of your songs on my Ipod, keep it up!

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

thanks a lot for the support man =]
-Steven Ortiz (Dj-Unknown)


2010-12-27 12:13:32


Dj-UnKnOwN responds: